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Root Chakra Water Program

This water program is specifically designed to help balance the root chakra, clear any implants, negative beliefs, fears that may be affecting you.

When the root chakra is out of balance it can make us feel ungrounded, insecure, fearful, you can struggle with money, not feel supported, feel alone, etc, etc. Using this program can help to rebalance those layers.

You could program a big bottle of water so that it lasts you for a few days. It varies for people how long they need to use the programmed water before starting to notice positive changes, personally Amanda, and her team, use it until they have manifested what it is they want or feel they need.

To Use: for the first couple of times watch the video whilst having a hand over the top of your glass of drink – so your intention is focussed. After this you will only need to concentrate for the first 30 seconds of the video on your drink taking on the energy pattern, once the video is complete you can drink your programmed water.

Detoxification, A Potential and Real Side Effect

It is tempting to think "If I drink a litre of this programmed water a day, I will reach my goals quicker" - this is not true as you end up releasing energetic imbalances that have been stored in your system, possibly for years, and your body has to deal with these toxins this can lead to you experiencing “Detoxification” or “Detoxing” of the body. The process of detoxing is caused by your body reaching a higher vibration level and at the same time ridding itself of harmful toxins and poisons.

The sensation of detoxing can range from light-headedness at the low end to flu like symptoms that may keep you in bed for several days. Each time you emerge from an experience of detox your physical body will be stronger and more able to handle the processing of intentions.

Therefore, it is vital that you follow the instructions Amanda gives you regarding how much to drink in any one day, no more than 500ml to 1000ml in any one day - not matter how much you think you can handle it!

So, allow yourself those extra few days of going slowly, after all you have probably had these energetic imbalances for years so what's a few more days in the grander scheme?

Video regarding the water programs