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FREE Transmuting Stress into Clarity of Concept and Harmony

Free MP3

To help with transmitting stress in our lives into more harmony and ease you can download these MP3’s -one is with music and one without.

Listen to at least once a week for three to four weeks and then whenever you feel the need. Each time you listen it will deepen the healings. You can even do this once a month, allowing your energy field to have continuous support.

Below is a mini healing to help with the equinox and releasing past karma.

Each time you listen it clears the next level of imbalances.

Over the years I have noticed we hold so much stress in our system and also from our ancestral line, this mp3 has been designed to help, gently release the stresses and strains us and our ancestors have been through over the centuries linked to the equinox and layers of karma we may be unknowingly carrying.

This mp3 is quite powerful, so it is important to only play it twice in any one week – we don’t want our system releasing too much in one go – as that is exhausting! After that you can play it as often as you wish.

It is about 17 minutes long, please make sure you can listen the first time free of distractions and sip plenty of water afterwards to help the processing.

To download onto your device right click on the audio and chose 'save as...' then chose where on your device you wish to store this product.

If you have suggestions for further MP3s please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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