Blasting Away Your Money Blocks Bundle

The Body Code team have developed a program called 'Blasting Away Your Money Blocks For Good!' Package which Amanda uses to help many of her clients break free of those limiting thoughts, feeling and emotions that may be preventing people from being truly successful within their own right. Money

In this sytem Amanda uses the Body Code System to identify underlying blocks that may be causing you to be blocked in relation to abundance and / or success in any way.

In these sessions you work together with Amanda to identify when money issues began, what may be holding those beliefs in place that mean no matter how you try to earn you are continuously wading through life, emotional issues, being in alignment with your goals and any conflicts within are addressed when working with Amanda.

To obtain the best results Amanda has found that completing three sessions where you focus on these topics is the most effective, normally the cost for this is £195 but it is currently on offer for £175. To make an appointment to start working on these issues click here.

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