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More Information

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I'm here for you, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Clinic Appointment Address

Find Your Inner HarmonySuite D, 2nd Floor, 2a Sheep Street Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 6AA

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Suite D, 2nd Floor, 2a Sheep Street, Bicester England, United Kingdom This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +44 (0)7938 851750

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Case Studies

Case Studies

A young lady contacted me in tears; she had over the last three years spent approximately £5,000 on treatments for her health issues. I informed her that I may be able to help but could not guarantee anything. I spent the first session working on what her system tested up as needing and informed her that we would need to have another four sessions. Three days later my phone did not stop ringing her friends had seen an immediate difference in her skin tone, energy levels, discomfort and ability to eat some foods with no side effects. Over the following four sessions my client stated that she had finally got her life back and to this day has only a slight reaction when extremely stressed and over doing things.

One gentleman arrived at my clinic with bright scarlet skin from head to toe. He had had this for approximately a year and no one was able to explain or make a difference to his condition. Through questioning the man's pastimes he told me about his wine making and how much he enjoyed it. On deeper investigation he was telling me about his aluminium pots that he was brewing the wine in. Although this was not a new way of making the wine, he had been using the same pots for 10 years, his body had become "energetically intolerant" to the aluminium. On rebalancing the system in the face of the aluminium and boosting his body with certain minerals his skin came back down to a normal hue and he continued with his favourite pastime but with more appropriate pans!

One lady had suffered continuous h***s for the last three years; her constant companion, to her friends amusement, were tablets which she had been buying at an alarming rate. She had already brought her two year old to me for skin issues for sessions with great results and therefore thought she would give me a try. On working with her it became apparent that she was reacting to her perfume, her mum's perfume, and also to electrical equipment around her head at night. On removing the electrical equipment and doing a HK correction for the substances she went away and never had to use her tablets except on very rare occasions. The only problem with this was that she had to go and buy them as they were no longer her constant companion!

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Oh my goodness Amanda - I am a new woman! Thank-you so much for the house clearing...the results have been amazing! I can't believe I feel such a difference in such a short space of time! That heavy feeling I was getting that made me reluctant to do things around the house...has just gone. I am no longer procrastinating...if something needs to be done I just do it! I highly recommend it to everyone, but especially for stay-at-home parents or people who work from home. Mrs Johnson, Buckinghamshire A massive thank you for all your help.

Words can’t express how much I appreciate your help. This has truly helped me to finally live my life without a second thought to w***y and a*****y, which has hung over me for so long. The change I feel is amazing and has been noticed by others. I am such much happier and am able to keep everything in perspective. I am not more self-assured and confident within myself. I would recommend this to anyone who is having problems, and don’t wait around! Wish I did this sooner. A massive thank you for all your help.

Lent my band to my Mum who has been wearing the lilac band since the weekend, and she said that despite all the worries and concerns about the move, and lots of stress at work, that she has noticed that she feels much more positive and that things are going to come together.

Since wearing my Being in the Present Moment wristband, I noticed an extraordinary thing. It is as if time is now standing still. Whenever I am working and then look at the look, I always notice that I still have lots of time to do everything I need to do. This makes me more relaxed and unhurried when I work - a wonderful feeling!

"I think your sessions has really helped me move on and I'm feeling fantastic! Thank you!"

"Hello Amanda – thought I’d make contact with an update for you, because it must be important to you to hear of what happens to your clients. It’s been very subtle, yet I am aware of some profound changes. I seem to have been able to re-visit my relationships with my parents, and other issues from childhood, and resolve them. In fact, a most interesting result has been that I can remember things from long, long ago, which I had forgotten, and resolve them from a ‘now’ perspective. The most important thing my was my writing – and while it has taken a while, because it was obviously a deeply buried problem – it is over. It is progressing now, just as I’d hoped. It’s been a gradual process, but I am aware that you have been instrumental in it, so I’d like to thank you once again."

"I tried the 'Being in the moment' energy wristband and noticed my thoughts and emotions calm significantly.  I even managed to enjoy that weekend I'd been so worried about. Thank you so much Amanda, this energy band really helped me through a difficult time."

I'm just writing to say thank you. Since the last remote session I am feeling like me again. The dark fog has lifted! You really are amazing. I can not believe the difference. You would think by now I would be use to it, but every time i'm still blown away by how much of a difference you make. 100 times thank you.

“I was feeling completely out of sorts. Very disconnected and quite honestly all over the place. After one phone session with Amanda I feel back in balance. The fog is clearing and I feel I can get back in the driving seat! Thank you so much Amanda”. 

"We first visited Amanda after my (now 14 year old) daughter had been suffering from a******a a****a for almost 3 years. Within a week of our first visit her hair had stopped shedding and she now has strong regrowth everywhere. She seems stronger and happier in herself. While I don't pretend to understand health kinesiology, Amanda's treatment and advice has had what feels like a miraculous effect on my daughter's health and wellbeing and it is good to know she is there. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and her work to anyone"

You were so spot on  - as always - with recommending the green band to help with my problem of being overwhelmed by other people's energy. I had no sooner put the band on when it was tested by 2 formidable people trying to engage me with their problems. Amazingly in both cases I was able to remain grounded, strong and unaffected by their energy patterns. What an empowering band! Thanks for all your work and generosity of time  - it has been life changing.

"Wow!  After wearing the 'Abundance' energy wrist band for only a couple of days, the doors to new opportunities are finally opening....the calls have come, the options are presenting themselves and I feel excited about what will come my way next!  Thank you, thank you!"

My sister is 81 years old and suffers from osteoporosis mainly in her hips. She also has learning difficulties and I am her carer. She was in great pain and barely able to walk and Doctors suggested she have an operation. Because of her age and mental condition I didn't want to put her through all that this would entail, so as a last resort I decided to give her the minerals. She was taking them for about three weeks and not only was she not complaining so much about the pain, but it seemed that her brain was being re-stimulated and she wanted to read all the time. She only had about two years schooling and that was 73 years ago. Her mental health doctor came to visit and was absolutely amazed at the change in her. People of her age do not usually have the motivation to do something like that. Her reading age is about a 7-8 yrs old but it is steadily improving since she is reading every day.........Who knows if she had been diagnosed many years ago as having a mineral deficiency what she could have achieved.

I wanted to thank you for the session of Body Code work you did on me the other day. I felt completely exhausted due to severe jet lag which had led to no s***p at all over 48 hours. I could not believe how much better I felt and how much deeper my s***p is now after you worked on me. I would say that my s***p is now better than it has ever been before. This morning, I overslept because I did not hear the alarm clock! Unheard of - I don't think this has ever happened to me! I am usually awake way before the alarm goes...  I am amazed at how powerful this method is. Thank you very much again.  Kind regards 

A 6 year old describes the session as "Having a massage on the inside"

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a Soul Profile session?

The actual session is 55 minutes long over the phone, I will send you an invite to a conference line that allows the session to be recorded. During the reading I will inform you of the blocks and restrictions that your records have highlighted as being ready to be released right now, we spend time clearing these imbalances and homework where necessary is given.

What if I’m feeling lost or stuck or at a crossroad and I’m not sure what to ask?Crossroads image

The Akashic Masters along with my experience and questions will help to go deeply into your Book of Life where we receive valuable information and clearing.

Some clients find it easier to write a short description of what pattern is reoccurring – then on rereading that description sit back and sense what they need to know, or do, in order to move forwards, however, if you still don’t know what to ask we just focus our session on what blocks and restrictions are prevalent now, and understand what is preventing you seeing the way forward.

How do I contact you?

Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. putting Akashic Records in the subject title.

How do I prepare for the healing session?

  •  Once the session is booked you will receive a consent form, which you email back to me as soon as possible. The form asks what you would like to focus on, setting your intentions and goals are an important part of the process and allow us to focus in easily and succinctly to what is underlying your current status. Download the Akashic Records Questionnaire which asks for the relevant information that I need in order to serve you best.
  • The session is recorded for you to review at a later time.
  • Do not drink any alcohol 12 hours prior to the session. It lowers the body’s vibration and is more difficult to access deep information in the Akashic Records. Prescription drugs are acceptable.
  • It is best to allow yourself some quiet time after the session to reflect and process the information.
  • Drink plenty of water afterwards.

How will i feel afterwards?

Many clients have reported feeling tired but lighter within a couple of days, however, for some clients there can be a week or two of adjustment as your system changes some of the deeper inner structures that have held the old patterns in place. There is homework, which lasts for 21 days, that helps to reinforce the session and so that you obtain the best results out of the session. 

Do you work with people all over the world?

Yes, using the Tele Conference service this becomes just like a local call for clients and means the session is recorded for them. Use my online diary to book an appointment, please note that I need at least 10 days notice in order to complete your reading prior to the appointment. Please ensure that you use your own time zone when booking the appointment, the system then emails me and yourself to confirm the booking.

What information do you need to open my Akashic Record?

In order to access the correct Akashic Record I require your full Legal Name, that is whatever you use on your legal papers, driver’s license or passport and the name you were born with, along with your date of birth and town and country of birth. There is a consent form to fill-out and return which you will receive with your confirmation email or you can download here.

The Soul Profile session is a reading that is only ever done once and allows you to know more of your ‘Why’. There is a lot of background work that goes into this reading, so you will need to pay for this upon booking, failure to pay at this point will delay the initiation of the work and therefore your reading.

How do I pay?

You can pay in a number of ways, via Paypal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or bank transfer (please contact Amanda for these details). Download the Akashic Records Questionnaire which has details of payment and the relevant information that I need in order to serve you best.

Due to the nature of this work payment needs to be paid upon booking, Amanda then will initiate the background work ready for your appointment.

Usual price £395 on special offer until 31st July 2017 for £295

To book a session clink on this link.

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