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Harmony Within

During these turbulent times Amanda continues to work with people over the phone/Skype/Zoom or completely remotely - now more than ever we need to find time to be centred - much easier said than done we know.
Amanda has released many tools to help support you during these extraordinary times. You can find those tools on her other website, all have been designed to help specifically with what is going on now and are free to use.

Amanda believes that true happiness, contentment, peace, success, etc comes from achieving harmony within.

Amanda works with you to help you bring out the best in you.

Your subconscious mind is the ultra-intelligent computer system of your body, it knows exactly what you need in order to achieve balance. Using a highly-skilled technique of muscle testing (kinesiology) Amanda gathers information to access your body's inner wisdom to find out exactly what you need to help you to regain and maintain balance, allowing you to feel a natural sense of well being.

As we are individual beings it is essential that your system is respected and honoured for the job it does for you each and every day, therefore each session is tailor-made for you to enable change to occur at your root level.

Do you have a 'Heart Wall'? This is one of the main areas that Amanda starts your energy healing work, ensuring there is nothing like this energetically getting in your way.

If you would like to find out more about how Amanda would love to work with you enabling you to find your own inner harmony please peruse the rest of this site. To make an appointment use the button below.

On the last Saturday of every month at 10am, Amanda runs a clearing call to clear the cobwebs of the month, enabling us to move forwards into the coming days, weeks and month more lighter. This call is attended by people from all over the World, helping them to find an oasis of calm in a stressful world. For more information sign up by clicking the button below.

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Amanda was a guest on Flock and Hive talking about kinesiology  - it is a fun talk with Helena and Lizzie discussing what was spoken of and their wonderful sense of humour. Click the link below to access the replay of the call. 


I'm just writing to say thank you. Since the last remote session I am feeling like me again. The dark fog has lifted! You really are amazing. I can not believe the difference. You would think by now I would be use to it, but every time i'm still blown away by how much of a difference you make. 100 times thank you.
B.J. - Brighton, UK

Case Studies


One gentleman arrived at my clinic with bright scarlet skin from head to toe. He had had this for approximately a year and no one was able to explain or make a difference to his condition. Through questioning the man's pastimes he told me about his wine making and how much he enjoyed it. On deeper investigation he was telling me about his aluminium pots that he was brewing the wine in. Although this was not a new way of making the wine, he had been using the same pots for 10 years, his body had become "energetically intolerant" to the aluminium. On rebalancing the system in the face of the aluminium and boosting his body with certain minerals his skin came back down to a normal hue and he continued with his favourite pastime but with more appropriate pans!

Constant Head Awareness

One lady had suffered continuous h***s for the last three years; her constant companion, to her friends amusement, were tablets which she had been buying at an alarming rate. She had already brought her two year old to me for skin issues for sessions with great results and therefore thought she would give me a try. On working with her it became apparent that she was reacting to her perfume, her mum's perfume, and also to electrical equipment around her head at night. On removing the electrical equipment and doing a HK correction for the substances she went away and never had to use her tablets except on very rare occasions. The only problem with this was that she had to go and buy them as they were no longer her constant companion!

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